Walking On The Moon

Alternating the themes of his posts, Andy Poupart (andy_57) takes us back to the salt flats…

The stark world of the Badwater Basin is indeed alien, very much alive in its crawling textures, organic ridges that snake hither and yon like creeper roots seeking any trace of moisture. But the stuff of life floats high above, wispy, spinning its own patterns across the blue dawn. Life and death mirrored.

The foreground is the clear winner in this composition – the draw into a larger scene, but is the prime subject also. There is no escaping that texture. It offers a few more gems in the lines it carves: the double-golden ratio (1.618 : 0.618) on the right marks the point where the largest ridge finds the edge of the frame. The dominant lines in the foreground trace out hints of triangles… incomplete in some places, warped in others. And it all ends that the golden ratio between the double golden ratios (at 2 : 1.618 from the bottom), a perfectly positioned horizon.

Above that line, like a diptych, is a separate composition, magical in its own way.

The eastern ridge is wonderfully interleaved with the light of the rising sun, creating a layered effect from what would at any other time have been no more than a solid silhouette. And that light is simply dreamy; a perfect awakening.

Verily from another world.

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