Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

A first appearance for another of my Flickr contacts, Rezoan Ratul; not a prolific poster, but a consistent creator of powerful images.

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

It is difficult to decide which aspect of this image is most compelling: the sense of mystery created through the strong lighting and deep shadows, or the intimacy of so dark a gaze. The Chiaroscuro approach to self-portrayal creates wonderful textures and a sense of doom. Combined as it is with so extreme an area of negative space – one which manages to cut across the detailed portion of the image without dividing it, we are drawn to the the eye: the most revealing give-away of personality.

That intimacy in the dark is powerfully contrasted by the placement of the eye, just beyond the primary golden ratio, but looking back, creating a sense of direction across the frame, through the expanse.

There is truth to be seen between these lies.

    • Ratul
    • April 6th, 2012

    Thank you Rick.

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