Kanaka Creek OxBow

It is time now for another outing from one of the best river photographers I know: Keith Rajala (maclobster).

Kanaka Creek OxBow

Of immediate interest in this image is the shape of the river, extending into the foreground and away in two arms which draw the eye ever into the depths of the distance. An excellent choice of location from which to shoot that allows this feature to be captured. But what makes this instance of this simple-enough approach to capturing an oxbow unique is that the form of the waterway is mirrored in the cloud, drawing the eye in to the same central place. Everything draws us in to the distant points of the river.

Adding to the already powerful composition, we have the horizon sitting perfectly on a golden ratio, and the highest treetops (left side) equally reaching up just far enough to touch the upper golden ratio. The log (bottom right) provides foreground interest to the whole.

There is an additional element here that Keith does exceedingly well: the matting of the image to make it “presentable,” matching the border lines to the tone of the subject perfectly to make the whole pop.

A scene of powerful tranquillity.

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