Hot Tulip

Showing a different side to his work, a pluck from the Edwards Garden by Pavel Muller.

There is an art to making a floral shot look unique. Everyone with a camera has, at one point or another, pointed it at a flower. And for the most part, those images are plain, uninspiring. This is different. There are four elements that come into play in this image, to create the magic of this shot. Perhaps the most important is the tight depth of field – that there is detail in the heart of the frame but all around a dreamy veil has been pulled. The eye has only one place to settle, in the centre on the double-triangle – the V-shape – that is in sharp focus.

The third aspect is the processing: the choice to make this image black and white (well, technically an off-sepia), and to play up the contrast. That provides textured definition to the in-focus petals, while also creating a vibrant chaos within the out-of-focus areas.

And lastly, we come back to the focus, and the body that the out-of-focus parts on left and right have: they are solid in their presence, creating a double-framing which lifts the subject area – the core petals – out of the image, making them more prominent.

A unique approach to flower photography.

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