Stray teardrops..

The outpouring of excellent composition continues, and I fall further behind, with this artistic work from Ananya Rubayat (dream_maze).

Stray teardrops..

The beauty of this shot is in its simplicity: that there are only two elements – the branch and the rain. The mind does not need to wonder where the eye has to go: there is only the small area between two tear drops in focus, and the crayon-streaked lines of falling water. The extent of the focus is perfect, being between the centre line of the image and the right-side primary golden ratio, and vertically sitting comfortable on the middle line. Meanwhile, the clearest streaking of falling tears spans that same golden ratio, from the centre line beneath the branch, to the secondary above.

The lines of the rain are a fabulous touch herein, providing not only the sense of direction in their long-exposed fall, but also the variable texture resulting from their shapes changing as they tumble through the air. And all of this on soft background which provides encompassing negative space.

Wonderfully pristine.

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