Early Afternoon Snack

Time to add a new name to the list of people whose work has featured in this blog; I stumbled across Sallie Anderson‘s work just yesterday, and could not resist this nibble.

Early Afternoon Snack

Always look them in the eye, they say. But they are wrong. Sometimes, it is the alternate angle which will make a shot most powerful. As here, where viewing this bird from behind helps capture its power. The partial silhouette emphasises the harshness of the setting, and the absolute dominance of beast over its domain.

The dominant compositional form here is the triangle, pinned in the lower corners and rising to the bird as the focal point: the branch acting as both anchor and framing element. While this in itself is impressive, it is very interesting to see how the forms of the stark supporting shapes balance the scene with key golden ratios: the branch’s knee on the left the intersection of the vertical primary and horizontal secondary; the upper left corner of the nest near enough to primary intersection and the upper right aligned with the tertiary on that side. The bird’s head, despite being turned away, sits on the horizontal double golden ratio.

The way all those points balance each other, within the overall triangular shape, with emptiness on the left, allows the subject’s stillness nonetheless to capture a sense of direction into the negative space of the frame.

An eloquent statement of nature.

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