En Pointe

Time now for a little levity from Claire McFarlane (missnoma).

It is not solely the playful title that works so well in this image. It is also the delicate composition that captures the same feel as the title plays on. It is hard to say whether the dominant compositional aspect is the triangle of seeds, shadow and greenery, or the strong diagonal that triangle sits upon. Indeed, they are interdependent.

But that alone would not be enough to make this such a strong composition. There is also the triplet – threes – and the fact that one of these elements, indeed the largest, is a cast shadow. It is interesting that only one of the three parts is mostly in focus, the other two being mostly out of focus, and this helps give the larger seed a touch of prominence. The whole, then, being anchored by the green in the top corner, the only splash of lively colour in the whole scene.

A wonderfully playful and simple still life.

    • Claire McFarlane
    • April 13th, 2012

    Oh Boy! still Friday 13th for you and a great uplifting start to my day…Thank you.. Been meaning to say for ages that no matter how great the photos are in Composer your writings/analysis illuminates them to an even higher plane… I do wonder where you get the words from and your turn of phrase is spellbinding… One brilliant wordsmith..

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