Every once in a while, Lorraine Anderson reappears on Flickr and posts something dramatic. This time, it is a floral abstract.

Iris 2

This image is very simple in its composition: a soft sea of purple traced with veins (a pattern/texture), cut through with a vibrant dash of yellow. It is tightly cropped, making it abstract. There is direction, and there is undulation in the sinuous curves of the petals: yes, there is an S-curve into the plane of the image; and though we see only two dimensions, the shading and slight loss of focus around the edges makes it clear that there is a descent over on the right side.

The positioning of the streak of brightness is excellent, vertically on the golden ration and horizontally just reaching out to the tertiary where it disappears – heading out of the frame, which works largely because of the touches of green which anchor the destination from either side.

Artful flowers are all the rage, it would seem.

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