Morning Frost

On his travels through Burma, my Flickr contact Ethan (cormend) has uncovered some stunning scenery.

Morning Frost

While the processing makes this image stand out at first glance, there is far more to the scene than pink hills. From a primary compositional perspective, the beauty of this shot is in the way it draws the viewer into the scene: the frosted grass in the very foreground, separated from the rest by a gully, but paired with the post and bucket on the other side, which acts as an anchor. The hint of a path then provides a cue to follow, into the middle distance where the main subjects are to be found, a basic triangular arrangement that reaches out to the left-side secondary golden ratio (and vertically its tip finds the primary). Beyond this, the expanse of wonder is thrown open.

It is interesting that though almost a stray scratch, the one tall stalk of grass on the left, which rises above the line of the hills, is enough to provide framing for the hut on the right: evidence if ever it was needed that balance can be most effectively accomplished with the unbalanced.

The magical realm is both cold and alive; daunting yet inviting.

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