Chain Hang

Just another chain shot for ad hoc link in his blog, claims Hennie Schaper as he posts another exceptional piece of composition.

Chain Hang

The diagonal here is the key element holding the image together, but it it the chain – protruding into the foreground and the clear subject – that steals the show. The high contrast allows the detail in the foreground to really shine, but the eye is not held permanently on that point: it is free to roam within the triangle of chain and beam, with the background loop of chain as an additional path back to the focal point.

It is no real surprise that the bracket that attached the chain to the beam on the right side straddles the golden ratio there, and the hanging chain lied snugly alongside the double golden ratio line. Even within a white setting, where the edges of the scene merge into the surrounds, that detail helps to give more emphasis.

Another perfect link in an ongoing chain.

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