Silver Surf

There is something about Four Mile Beach that leads Andy Poupart (andy_57) to endless stunning compositions.

One could easily wonder, if taking only a mathematical eye to this composition, why it works so well. The answer is quite obvious when one does not look for golden ratios: it is in the diagonal, which then bends to take the viewer deeper into the distance before breaking apart in the surf to turn rightwards again – a subtle S-curve. It is also the ark of cloud acting as a corner-borders while also, in its streaked leading edge, conveying a sense of motion that emphasises the draw of the first-mentioned curve.

If we then augment that with a dreamy texture in the immediate foreground and Chiaroscuro contrast in the near water/sand/rocks, the power is undeniable. But to temper it with the pastels of a sunset – to balance calligraphic harshness with the soft brush of evening light – truly releases the magic of the moment.

It is a perfect moment, artistically preserved.

    • Andy Poupart
    • April 18th, 2012

    Thanks, Rick. You’re very kind.

    What is it that leads me back to Four Mile Beach? Well, it’s easy to get to, for one thing. An easy walk down a wide trail leads out onto a huge expanse of beach. The prime spots for photography are at the extreme northern and southern ends.

    This particular shot came at the end of a frustrating evening’s shooting. The setup was the last of the night before I hiked off the beach. I was pretty wet by now and getting chilly. But the lines created by a little rise in the sand caught my eye and this was the result. As it was, it was a difficult exposure and needed quite a bit of post work to get it to here.

    Thanks again for posting it to your blog.

    • Claire McFarlane
    • April 18th, 2012

    Infinitely superb even if it took post work to bring to such amazing and serene beauty…

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