After his last featuring for organic death, Florian Sprenger (mav_at) gives us the purely geometric, with a twist… of sorts.

stepsThere are no prizes for knowing that one of the primary compositional elements here is the diagonal. However, this is far more than that – that it passes from nearly-corner to corner is not enough. It is the zip-like effect of the cast shadow that converts simple geometry to active, directional interest. The way the lighting is provided is key to this – a sharp spotlight that provides a parallax shadow, diverting from the implicit line; is the wall curving away, or the stairs curving towards the viewer? The mystery enhances the sense of wonder.

This widening of the shadow, though only a hint, provides a triangular element; the shadow of the bannister turns the diverging lines of steps and shadows into a triplet. And the whole is wonderfully stark within the light-dark diptych of negative space that is the illuminated and dark wall.

A compelling climb into the abstraction of geometric form.

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