Every angel is terrible.

It has indeed been a month since last featured something from Jessica Islam Lia (evening sun.) This, though, demanded attention.
Chiaroscuro portraiture can be a very expressive, emotional medium. The ability to capture the lines that make up emotional visualisation allows the image to be simplified – only the bare minimum presented. Here, the use of extreme lighting and dark clothing allows the model’s face to stand out in an empty field; an area given dimension by the lighting on the wall.

Her sombre mood and stark beauty combine to a dangerous allure: powerful and mysterious; the pent up potential to be terrifying. This is enhanced by her placement within the dark portion of the tonal diptych, and the placement of her eyes so high in the frame, looking down on us from the secondary golden ratio.

Truly captivating beauty; there is compulsion to abase myself before it.

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