And I now add another name to the roster of those featured herein – my Flickr contact Rejetto.

While some might consider the artistic – painting-like – feel of this image rendered in black and white is its strongest draw, I have to disagree. It is solidly composes, with a dominant structure of triangles, and a very definite direction: the eye is drawn inexorably from right to left. The dominant triangle has the tree as its base and extends beyond the right edge as the lighter background is constrained by other elements that have survived the processing. There is a second major triangle in the tree’s own shape; this one also hosting a very fetching S-curve.

And yes, the processing is a part of the composition here: the blow-out of the middle-ground, allows the tree to play such a dominant role, while the foreground provides an anchor to that negative space. All told, a solid balance between compelling composition and pure artistry.

A work of art.

  1. Rick, I have just spent a most enjoyable and instructive hour reading your blog. I feel as though I can look at photographs with new eyes now. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and artistry with us!

    Very best wishes. Elliott (ellottingotham.wordpress.com)

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