Spring clouds

I wondered once how long it would take for one of my longest-term Flickr-friends, Katie (kateach), to end up featured here. Now, I know…

Spring clouds

This image is quite unusual in the extremities of colour/tonal contrast it embraces, while managing to still balance impact. Indeed, it is perhaps because of the play of these contrasts that it works. At its most basic a quite simple diptych – green and gold supporting mottled white amidst a sea of azure – there are additional touches that make it a pleasure to behold.

Within the lower portion of the image (could I claim golden ratios are involved, given that the line is haphazard?), the stunningly backlit rape flowers play the role of foreground interest, themselves anchored in the proto-darkness of the stalks. It is perhaps beneficial to the image that there is no streaking or sense of direction within the cloud cover, for this allows the almost haphazard textures to enthral – the levels of detail that allow us to find the shapes of leaping (fat) men, or somersaulting sheep.

But as I said initially, it is not this simple two-part structure that makes the image: it is the use of an almost shy silhouette as in interweaving element that really holds the whole together. That tree provides the real anchor for the whole image: the sense of direction that sweeps the eye across the full expanse of the young year.

Refreshing simplicity.

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