time machine.

Despite the reality of the numbers, it occasionally feels as though Jessica Islam Lia (evening sun.) gets more than her share of mentions within this blog. In truth, she is now jointly sixth-most-featured. Her shots, though, are always powerful

The main power of this shot is in the basic visual execution – time made very real: the setting sun, the most primeval symbol of time that we know – the inevitability of the passing of one day – providing a backdrop to a very simple timepiece: the hourglass. The colours obviously play into the emphasis here: the swath of red-and-orange, the sky aflame, the day being burnt away; soon to be gone. But it is also the composition that works to the image’s advantage: the clarity of the sky through the glass, textured in silhouette by the residual grains in the upper bulb, drawing the eye.

Then there are the triangles that come into play: the double-triangle of the hourglass’s neck, a focal point (which happens to sit vertically right on a golden ratio, and horizontally perfectly between primary and double); and also the one formed by the two subjects: the hourglass as base and the sun as pinnacle. On the subject of golden ratios, the sun sits perfectly on an intersection of these: the horizontal double and the vertical secondary.

Emphatic in its totality, and yet serenely peaceful.

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