Whinchat near

It is time for a third outing from Lilian Lemonnier within this site, this time with an avian theme.

Tarier des près

The first thing one notices about this image is the simplicity of the background – the almost abstract nature of the two-part gold-and-white setting against which the subject is shot. This lack of distraction then allows the subject to pop out of the frame, especially when one investigates the detail within the flowers our little avian friend is perched atop of. That background provides as infinite sea of negative space, emptiness within which we can find direction.

The sense of direction is achieved cleanly by the bird’s placement on the left-side golden ration, while facing to the right. Follow the beak.

That simplicity would of itself make for an excellent shot under most circumstances, but here, there is a further detail that picks out the composition. In the lower right corner, partly masked by the copyright line, is a variation to the consistency of the background: another flower almost in focus, providing an alternate tone to the endless field of yellow. And its positioning in the corner thereby acts as an anchor.


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