Next up, a little Italian flavour from Keith Rajala‘s archives – the town of Montalcino.


While one could think that the processing of this image is what makes its composition – the textured sepia that gives it the feeling of an old-style scenic engraving – it is the arrangement of the elements that makes it. The processing simply adds to a mood captured in this timeless place. The dominant sky, with the roiling cloudhead, provides a backdrop to keep the interest of anyone who fails to find fascination within the body subject; that there are parallels between the shapes of these clouds and the village’s skyline only help incorporate them into the main scene.

Within the real subject area, we find a dominant leading line from near the lower right corner to the upper left golden ratio (mid-point of the church’s roofline). As this line is countered by the rise of the hill from the other side, we have an open triangle leading the eye up the the top of the village. An interesting aside on the triangle theme is the presence of a second one in the tone of the right-side roofline, brought about by perspective.

And to cap things off, we also have the road in the foreground, providing an anchoring balance point, and the implication – through the arrangement of the nearer roofs on that side, of an S-curve.

So easily mistakable for an engraving from a time long past.

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