Kotha dao

It has been quite a wait, but my friend Aftab Uzzaman has finally returned from his busyness to post another classic composition.

Kotha daoThe scene here is a simple enough one, with a single dominant compositional theme, which spawns a handful of secondary elements. The core here is perspective, the receding of parallel lines into the distance. The two dominant lines are clearly the quayside and the body of the boat, though the boat finds itself shadowed by a second line out of the lower left corner, which runs almost at a 45° incline. Between them, these lines anchor the image.

Such a combination of leading lines inevitably forms many a triangle, all flowing towards that same vanishing point somewhere just over the horizon. There are additional triangles to be found in the rigging and second boat, which only help pull the eye deeper into the scene.

The whole is undeniably serene.

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