It’s been a while since David Gumbrell (Auribins) has featured here, but he has been far from inactive. It’s again time for his art…


It does not take many elements to create a pattern; to build a compelling composition that holds the eye. To master such simplicity is a very useful skill for an artist. It shows an ability to understand the basics, to work with minimal elements, rather than expecting a scene to create interest through complex interplays.

Here, it is clearly the triangular theme that dominates, both in the overall form, and the inner structure; given extra impact by the double-corner anchoring. The tight crop, eliminating one corner, adds a sense of mystery: we know what is beyond that point, but have to wonder if it expands again, or is that the end of the story? There is, interestingly, a second pattern within this simple mesh: the brightness of the lights, which add an extra dimension to the basic form.

Anything but trivial.

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