end of sand

Picking up a month on, we have another, very different, work from Florian Sprenger (mav_at).

The rendering of this image in black and white allows the compositional elements to stand out; it provides an interplay of artistic form without the distraction of colour. Most obvious is the texture in the near sands, the fingerprint of the first dune: foreground interest, patterns and leading lines all rolled into one. It has the added benefit that the leading lines are arrayed in two sets: one that follows their direction, and the other across the grain of the pattern.

The scope of the foreground interest is quite impressive in itself, reaching as it does almost to the upper left intersection of primary golden ratios; nearly half the image’s surface taken up with this pure abstraction. The extension of the primary dune to the right picks up another technique hinted at in the shape of the foreground: triangles. This is repeated in the texture of the mountains beyond the sands.

This image is evidence, if more were really needed, that one does not need to dominate a scene with the subject to give it power. Indeed, the emptiness of half the image can convey far more than the larger subject in the distance.

A powerful study in tone and form.

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