Showing that his last post to be featured here is the start of a captivating series, Lilian Lemonnier regales us with the sharp image of a bird in flight…

Scène  de chasse

There are many elements here that make this a captivating image. Yes, the subject is in itself compelling, but it is not the end unto itself. Without the lighting, it would not have so magical an appeal. The owl’s position, just outside the golden ratio line, with the undeniable sense of motion into the frame, conveys the sense of motion, and speed: it clearly is a chase.

The sense of motion is further emphasised by the position of the “horizons”: the lower edge of the grass-line on the golden ratio and the boundary between distant structures and evening sky at the midpoint. These act as leading lines for the bird’s flight, cutting effortlessly through a world that could easily be dominated by negative space.

And, of course, there is the beauty resulting from the subject being caught with its wings near the bottom of their arc: it would be far less interesting without the self-made triangle to balance the bird’s body atop.


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