PS, I love you

After a bit of a break, it’s time for the return of one of my favourite photographers: Aftab Uzzaman.

PS, I love you.

It’s not every day that I would pick out selective desaturation as a composition-enhancing technique. This work of Aftab’s, however, breaks many moulds. It does not emphasise the subject by placing it artfully on a golden ratio, but instead relies on the starkness of the red capturing our attention. In this, it succeeds well: the interplay between the drop readying to be released and its own effect within the clearness of the water – both cause and effect – hoards all attention.

It take quite an effort of will to look beyond the blindingly obvious to the other compositional elements that come into play. The easiest to discern is the use of negative space: in a world of black and white where colour is king, and there is so vibrant a dash of it, everything else – the entire greyscale scene – counts as negative space. Within this emptiness, we can then find the smooth contrast that defines the bottle, and its placement anchored within the corner. Also of interest is the depth of field employed: while the bottle may be sharp, the front of the glass is out of focus, with only the diffusing pattern of the wine within offering any sense of real clarity.

A most interesting still life.

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