Despite a trip to Hawaii and resultant pictures, it is an image from close to home that is Claire McFarlane‘s next feature here.

Capturing a single butterfly well is difficult enough; five neatly arranged in a compositionally enhancing line is quite a feat. Here, though there are five, two conspire to steal the show, with the other three – varyingly out of focus – providing a strong leading line which also anchors the image. Our main subjects face off against each other, dancing about the primary and secondary golden ratios – an excellent example of how this proportion allows repetitive sub-division which provides for ever more subtle interactions.

The shallow depth of field also serves here, helping to emphasise the primary subjects by separating them both from the softened background and the immediacy of the diagonal leading line.

A shot to be proud of.

    • Claire McFarlane
    • June 16th, 2012

    Thank you Rick, great start to my weekend… I seem to have a renewed fascination for Butterflies, it comes and goes like them…

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