Inside Dandelions

It’s another outing for my friend Lorraine Anderson, with a look at the detail – and beauty – within.

Inside Dandelions

There are some things around us we take for granted. We see them as they appear at the scale with which we interact with them, but forget to step back to embrace the bigger picture, or have not the patience to peer into the heart of their structure. Here, Lorraine has done the latter, exploring the subtlest detail within a dandelion flower. She has taken dew dops and expanded them to the side of marbles, or crystal balls.

The immediate compositional strength of this image comes, quite obviously, from the shallow depth of field that is a hallmark of macro imagery. Also, there is the clear diagonal – corner to corner – marked out by the dandelion feathers. If that were all, it would be merely a nice shot. There are, however, more elements that come into play here: the leading lines of the stalks, beaded with droplets of morning freshness, that anchor the diagonal to the left side of the image; the repetition of a mysterious image captured within the dozens of crystal balls; the delicate nature of this so often dismissed natural beauty.

Stunning. Soothing.

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