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Continuing a recent series that includes some fabulous wildlife scenes, Lilian Lemonnier brings us this piece of avian magic.

la timide

The composition of this image is quite stunning. Yes, there is the soft colour scheme of yellows and blue, cut through with lines of green, but it is the overall layout of the scene that really makes it work. Depth of field is expertly controlled, keeping the subject on one layer with a supporting baseline of in-focus flowers set against a similarly-toned background.

Also working for the image is the repetition of triangular elements: the left-corner anchor up to the bird, and the stem it is perched upon. Even the subject’s own profile provides a triangle. Larger areas hint again at that layout, creating balance.

The bird’s placement is another interesting detail: not with the eye on the golden ratio as one might expect me to pick, but with head and chest butting up against it. The little bit of negative space manages to convert the position from moving into the frame, to – thanks to the head-down pose – the titular emotion of timidity.

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