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Marcus Lam (DodogoeSLR) has only one previous mention herein, but that is largely because he doesn’t post enough. When he does, many are impressive shots, as this not-really-ex.


There are many things one can do with portraiture photography to make the the image really stand out. Most involve a slight twist on the standard view of a person. Here, there are two of those techniques used, and several other compositional elements that make this an excellent work. The most obvious differentiator here is the use of a landscape rather than a portrait view of a subject who is, essentially, upright. This provides borders in the form of the negative space background, allowing the eye to wander sideways a little, but always be drawn back to Erica. The second twist is the choice to light her back, throwing the face into high contrast, and allowing the overall form of her perch atop those heels to dominate over any overt femininity.

While those two aspects may be the elements that make the image stand out, it is the compositional elements that keep one glued to it: the prevalence of triangles (head and bent arm; body to extended hand; tighter body and leg shape), and the way they interact with fine but stark lines, which bring the eye upwards to that devilish smirk.

It may be a simple shot, but it is subtle; enticing.

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