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Sunset Light On Four Mile Beach

There was a recent post from Andy Poupart (andy_57) that I very nearly posted. Luckily, I passed it up, and this gem, even stronger, came along.

Besides the all too obvious stunning colours captured here, three is some marvellous additional elements of composition that play into the image. Perhaps the most obvious is the triplet of stones in the lower left corner. These achieve many things at once: they are foreground interest, anchor, and the traces where the surf has run off them provide a very clear direction/leading lines. This sense of direction is supported by the foreground interest on the other side of the image, where, thanks to a suitably low shooting position, the flow-lines created by the water in the sand are an enthralling texture (view it large to see).

And so far, we have not extended any mentionable distance into the image. Going further, some of the gems of the lighting show up: the backlit wave breaking and the glowing cliff-face that finds itself reflected in the middle distance. The image is so full of detail that nothing can count as negative space. As well as the sense of direction from the lower left corner, we have a similar diagonal running the other way across the image, formed by the combination of shoreline and cliff.

Lastly, the pairing of the cliff on one side and the break in the clouds on the other, where the setting sun makes the heavens glow, act as border elements to draw the eye into the heart of the image, through the gap in the rocks.

So perfect a location, wherein one could easily abandon a soul.


Napili Bay Surf

Next up, a dreamy sunset scene from the regularly featured Keith Rajala (maclobster)

Napili Bay Surf

It is difficult to miss the dominant compositional theme of this image: the diagonal that leads from the bottom right into the beautiful colours of the top left. The scene is almost a diptych, divided along that axis, with the soft brown of sand on one side and the turbulent blue/white of windswept waves on the other.

This is by no means the only element worthy of mention. There is also the detailed texture within the sand – a woven pattern that catches the late sunlight to provide anchoring foreground interest. And let us not forget the fabulous palette of the sky, fired red on one side while the other is a soft blue. Too, we have a wonderfully subtle fan of spray breaking over the nearest rocks – I suspect seen even larger, this would be sufficiently detailed to steal the viewer’s attention.

Perfectly peaceful.

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